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EVSE user configuration problem or otherwise?

This is clearly a user configuration error - please excuse my ignorance.

I have a wired openevse on a static ip nummer.
The router on our home network is the DNS server.

I tried to log to to log my car-charging to
To no avail until earlier tonight.

Tonight I replaced with the IP nummer of your
To my surprise it started to work.

Clearly I misconfigured the unit as it never found a working DNS set up.

Here is my question - do I have to do a hard reset and reconfigure the evse-unit to get DNS working if I should choose to do so?
I guess living with the hard coded number works as well but of course but far less elegant.

What do you think?

Best regards,



the easier way is to allow the EVSE to use DHCP and config the router to issue a static address then all the other info is automatically picked up.


Sorry to hear, your having issues. No special config should be required, it should just work unless your network requires a specific non-standard DNS config? Here’s an example of a working config