EVSE Time display incorrect, confused

Hi folks… just checked on my evse charge point mounted on wall outside house… and time says 7:45am
Have them come inside house and via web interface taken picture of system time, and that states time as 9:46,… ( ok it took a few seconds to get to pc )

Why is there a 2hr difference, most confused :confused:

What version are you using, are you using NTP and which timezone? There were a lot of time(zone) fixes in the latest release.

Hi Jeremy,… tx for getting back… as far as I can see using Version: 4.1.7.
TZ as per etc/GMT+1 as we are on BST,… and as far as I can work out there are no auto corrections for BST/GMT…
I assumed the NTP, was a one off press,… as was probably used initially on setup…not sure which NTP server connected to,… but did not want to break things further…
Trust / hope this helps…
Screenshot from 2023-04-23 13-02-21

Yeah, that is before the time fixes so I would suggest updating and hopefully that will resolve the issues

Hi Jeremy,… I have found this revision of the wifi esp8266 s/w f/w.

is this correct?, as I cannot find any version numbers ,…
Many Tx

you need to go to release page: Releases · OpenEVSE/ESP32_WiFi_V4.x · GitHub

Hi Guillaume,… many tx,. have looked at the downloads page and narrowed my options down to the following
Screenshot from 2023-04-25 17-25-04
But I cannot determine which of the two bin files to download to install,… (as I must be missing the obvious,)… which one do I choose, and where are the docs which explain what each bin file is for,… sorry for being a pain,… as I don’t want bomb my charger, ( yes I can fix it,… its just more ‘pain’ )

Ok,… I’m thinking openevse_wifi_v1_gui-v1.bin ,… as that’s what shows in web UI,… as seems to confirm what I have read in the docs now,…
But it would be nice to know what all the other variants are for to be sure,… is there a table ( what ever ) I am missing,…

It is written at the top of the release page I’ve linked to above.

New user interface ( both UI V1 and V2 are available on this release, each platform have 2 files builds ending by “_gui-v1” and “_gui-v2” )

Tx guys,… firmware updated… and ‘Time’ looks good,… system time and displayed time now sync’d,… so looking good.
With regards the future I see there will be an upgrade to the actual EVSE firmware to 8.2.3, ( when available ). Has someone created an idiots guide how-to for this upgrade. I have a serial usb programmer ( and have successfully used it to program modules for use with HomeAssisatant ),… so am familiar with re-flashing firmware…
many tx again…

you’ll need an ISP programmer like USBasp ( there’s some other programmer compatible with avrdude )

Then flash with

avrdude -c USBasp -p m328p -U flash:w:file_name_of the_firmware.hex

if you have an avrISP then replace the -c USBasp by -c stk500v2 -P XX ( for example replace XX by com3 on windows or /dev/ttyUSB0 if on linux)