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EVSE stops reporting

Hi all,

My EVSE has been working great for a good while now however it has now started to loose connection to and my emonpi it shows up as not connected however as you can see from the screen shots it is still connected to the WiFi and is sending rapi packets. If I restart the WiFi the connections spring back into life. I have ordered the latest WiFi board to see if this fixes the issue however does anyone have any advice?


Hi John, I have iPads and iPhones running IOS 15 and all are behaving very oddly when communicating with EVSE over WiFi. Prior to the IOS 15 update they were working fine with EVSE. Another iPad running IOS 12 is fine. Wired connections are also fine.

Are you running IOS 15?

Hi John,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. What OpenEVSE FW version are you running?

This is not on a connected device but the EVSE connection to external services, my EmonPi and although the device was still connected to WiFi it stopped sending out data. I have changed to the latest WiFi board now so will see if that improves things.

I am on EVSE firmware 7.1.3.EU But as said above I have just bought the latest WiFi board from the shop, so will see if that fixes the issue. Also thank Gwil for the speedy service sending the correct cable for my V5 unit :slight_smile:



Do not want to jinx it but so far with the new WiFi module the problem has not re-occurred :slight_smile:


Well should have kept my mouth shut, failed again today :frowning: Will have to look at how I get the WiFi out to the garage and see if that is the issue