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EVSE Load Balancing for multi-units housing

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I am researching charging stations for a multi-unit housing project. The load balancing comes up during the discussion. But I am quite hesitate to implement it as it affect the user-experience for residencies. Let’s say I am plug my EV and expect it to top up 80% for x hours for a long trip next. Suddenly, someone plug another EV. It dropped the current by half and it literally throw me under the bus as I need to double the hours for that 80%. Situation like this causes unpleasant experience. Not to mention if it might be some fee associated even though a tiny cost.
Has anyone had such project experience? Appreciating if you can share some thoughts/experience.

Welcome, Tim, to the OEM forum.

I have no experience, however I was reading about this only yesterday. The impression I got was that the scenario you envisage would only apply if the available capacity for vehicle charging was only sufficient for one vehicle at a time. If that were to be the case, I would suggest that the public electricity supply should have been reinforced before the installation was allowed.

Yes. It is a retrofit project. Need to install 3 wall mount stations and very likely use one break of 60A. It is quite limited. There is also a cost constrain as the fund will come from the building annual maintenance budget. To have a consistence charging experience I think will be important.