EVSE Application

Hello from NZ. I have been using emonBase with 3 x emonTH and 1 x emonTX to monitor my solar PV, HWC temps, ventilation system and a MkII PV Router. So far so good. Recently I bought a Nissan Leaf EV so I put a spare current clamp from the emonTX on the EVSE 240V feed and use the OpenEVSE App to monitor how many kWh the Leaf uses. Its a great app that shows me the daily kWh used to charge the Leaf and a bar graph filtered by Week, Month, or All Time. My question is (finally), how do I add a counter for cumulative power used (kWh) so I can see how much the Leaf costs to run for a Week, for a Month, for All Time?

You won’t be able to add that counter into the app itself however you can create your own dashboard and graph/counter widgets (drag + drop) to view that information

Okay thanks, I have done that so I now have an accumulating total kWh and a daily kWh counter but I need to read up on how to achieve a week, month and year total from the bar graph I added.

i have completed my Emonpi, EmonTX (for solar) and installed and now logging to the Emonpi my EVSE too.

So i reset everything back to factory and started over. I have Emonpi logging. Node 5, the EmonTX logging node 8 and EVSE logging locally too. I removed all the inputs and feeds on my EMONCMS account and it rebuilt back up.

I there a way to log the EVSE locally and then push that up to emoncms.org along with the emonpi and emontx inputs? so eveything goes through the emonpi and then up to the emoncms?

Do I have to add a NODE entry in the config file, save reboot to have that show up on the inputs in the emoncms.org?

I know how to get the EVSE to go to the emoncms.org directly, I’d like it to go through the local emonpi first.

Am I making sense?