EV simulator page in shop

EV sim 2

This explains twice, how to use it to test. Each switch combination corresponding to a different state. But the 2 versions are different.

The first one (simple text) is actually correct.

The second one is a table and for each state it adds sw.4 to be UP as well as any other switch mentioned in the first explanation. This is WRONG.

In fact switch 4 being up mostly just causes a “Diode error” to be displayed, which is hardly surprising as sw.4 simply shorts the diode. Not sure why this sw. is required, but it should be OFF for the 3 main tests.

That page really needs editing to correct this as I can testify that otherwise, it is very confusing. :confused:

@Gwil Can you help with this? Or it is @glyn.hudson’s area?

I’ve just checked using the test-bed here; I am seeing the same results as Ken. We will edit that table.