EV plugin plugin detection and OpenEVSE update

Hi all,

I’ve mounted and now i’m using a 40/48A DIY openevse car charger.

For my first question :
Maybe it is a stupid configuration trouble, but, i’ve tried several solutions on my OpenEVSE car charger.

If i’ll plug my hybrid EV car, on unplug it, the vehicle detection is not update. Sometimes, it is working, but 90%, i need to restart the GUI interface to see it.

Any idea ?
I’ve tried with the GUI prerelease master_8170b699 or the last V4.2.2.

Other solution is to reboot the GUI when the car is here (i’ve a nut on the key), how i can do it using MQTT ou API ? (not found).

Second question:

I’ve tried to upload a new firmware on the OpenEVSE using How to Load OpenEVSE Firmware (WinAVR) - OpenEVSE

Even if i’ve replaced the driver as

I’ve an error

avrdude OS error: file  is not readable:
avrdude done.  Thank you.

Tried with x64, x86 and MISO is on pin1 (screen is backlit).

Any idea ?

Have you got ‘Pause Status’ set to ‘Sleep’?

If Pause Status is set to Disabled the EVSE won’t be able to detect if a vehicle is plugged in.

What controller FW version are you currently running?

Hi, thanks for your feedback.
I’ve tried both, if i remember.
I will try again.

For the second question, i use currently flashed 8.2.2. This is why i want to upgrade to last version 8.2.3 from your repo. But the flash is not working.

New question : i have another trouble for the charge. I set the max current to 16A, mode is set to level2 or auto whatever and sometimes, the current is blocked @6A during a classic charge. I will verify if the pause status can change this.
I’ve tried to change level to 2, 1 or auto, i’ve tried to remove production on (even if during the night is 0A of production), i’ve tried to shap etc… always the current is blocked @6/6.6A. I’ve tried to restart the OpenEVSE, blocked @6. To recover 16A, i need to restart the GUI and the current is set to the max 16A.

I’ve changed the status as
But the MQTT vehicle state reports always 1, even if i’ve tried to plug/unplug the car several times.

Sometimes, if i restart the GUI, it is okay (if the car is unplugged, vehicle reports 0, if the car is plugged, vehicle reports 1). Sometimes, i need to restart the board because after GUI restarted, the vehicle is not detected…

No idea ?

Have you notice my previous question:

Other solution is to reboot the GUI when the car is here (i’ve a nut on the key), how i can do it using MQTT ou API ? (not found).