EV charger with solar PV + agile tariff?

Hi there,

We’re planning to go electric for heating and car within a few months. And use the octopus agile tariff.

I found a house thermostat that hooks in the agile tariff to try and heat the house outside peak times

Does anyone know of a EV charger that can be set to use cheap agile pricing, and also use excess power from the solar PV?


I have a similar setup as you need (-the house heating) if you set up an EmonPi (use the solar bundle) and the EVSE system you can use the “eco” setting to use excess solar output and the demand shaper to do overnight charging using the cheapest 30min segments from the Agile tariff. The only downside I have found so far is that the car sends a message to my phone as when the EVSE cuts the power either because there is not enough solar or the 30min slot is too expensive it gives an alert as it thinks the charger has a fault. I just set the phone to silence them at night. All parts are available from the shop icon on the top bar of this site.


Very interesting - I didn’t know about the demand shaper - looks really interesting! If I was them I’d list that as one of the it’s features on the shop page!

I did’t get the EmonPi - but went for the emonTX + wifi module instead as it seemed cheaper. This currently just monitors our grid feed-in and sends the data to the emonCMS. Hopefully that’s enough. I never got round to monitoring the power from the solar PV directly as the live and neutral are housed together the clamp needs to go round just one.