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European VAT process


I was looking for a solution to monitor my PV installations and found your initiative, I already began to play with the raspberry so your solution really pleased me.
What I would like to know if the VAT process for europe is still active ?

Can you elaborate regarding this VAT process ?

Intra Europe, extra Europe ?

Hi Roger,

As listed on the TAX, Shipping & Returns page on the shop:

EU VAT Registered Customers (Zero VAT)

If you are in the EU, and have a valid EU VAT registration number, please do the following to obtain zero VAT BEFORE placing an order:

  1. Create a normal user account.
  2. Put your VAT number in your company name field after your company name enclosed with square brackets e.g.
    My Company Name [GB152734515].
  3. Email us your VAT number at [email protected] and we will modify your account once we have validated your request. We will confirm the change by email.
  4. Once you have received confirmation, VAT will automatically be removed from all future orders placed through this account.

If an order is placed before we receive a request for VAT exemption it could delay the processing of the order.

Please contact us directly if you have any further VAT specific questions.

That’s it, I will order from France, I’ve done it a few weeks ago, still waiting the acknowledgment, so asking if the process was up to date.

Hello Roger
I bought several components a few weeks back and it came nicely to me in the south of France. No extra charges.
And if I remember well it took 4 days to cross the channel all the way down.

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I already send 2 mails to [email protected], no return confirmation… Checked spam issues but nothing found, may you try to contact me directly ?
I believe I will receive this nicely, but I just want to order free of VAT as I will order for business, VAT process seems to be slow when not done at first.

Strange, our ticket system inbox in constantly being monitored. We have had lots of emails today processed successfully…

Please send me a PM on the forum with your query.