Ethernet Gateway + LCD issue

I have just upgraded from WiFi Version 2.x (ESP8266) to an ESP32 based Ethernet Gateway v5.0.2. I am amazed by what a big improvement it is! Really impressive how good the UI looks :slight_smile:

I had a slight problem while installing the board. I used Self Adhesive Velcro to stick it to the top of the enclosure - trying to keep it away from mains voltages:

However when I put the case back on, I think the LCD terminals were just touching the Ethernet socket and it went a bit crazy:

Thankfully no permanent damage. I have solved it by putting electrical tape on both the Ethernet socket and the back of the LCD panel.

But it is a bit of a squash getting the Ethernet Gateway board in there. Has anyone else experienced this?
Might be another reason to upgrade the enclosure.