Thanks @glyn.hudson

Over the last few days we added the ability to pull data from into our Smartphone app.
It’s not an ideal way of working as interfacing directly with the hardware is a much better option but at least it means all your hardware is supported by our app.
We have more testing to do but we wondered if we were missing the syntax to pull down data for multiple feeds in a single hit or can each API call only collect data for a single feed?

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Fantastic! Where can we find out more about your app?

@TrystanLea is the correct person to ask about Emoncms API, but since he’s currently on his honeymoon I’ll do my best.

The following API can be used to fetch the latest value from multiple feeds in a single API call, just append feed ID’s separated by a comma onto the end:


Will fetch latest values for feed 1 and 87 (given to correct authentication).

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Hi @glyn.hudson and OEM,

Been busy with the first draft of the Smartphone app. Over the weekend we will complete the design and ask Blynk to publish it with Google and Apple on Monday. Should then be a few days before it appears on the Google Play store and a couple of weeks for Apple iTunes.

Meanwhile you can read more about it at ESPproMon© and on the Blynk Community site.


George (aka Costas the coder)

Nice! That looks great. Is it a stand along app that can be installed? Could you post the APK to test?

The API is documented:

If you are pulling multiple data points for a feed then you will need a separate API call for each feed, If you are just pulling the latest value then you cane use the multi feed API I posted above.

@glyn.hudson we received the second draft of the Android apk from Blynk yesterday and yes it’s a standalone Smartphone app.

We need to do more coding revisions for Open Energy Monitor hardware but as they are OTA updates they don’t hold up the publication of the app.

I’ll send you a PM.

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After a few false starts, the ESPproMon smartphone app is now in the Google Play store.

You will need to study the installation guide and features, as covered on the website, to get the most out of the app. Please remember to rate and review the app in the Store.

We will let you know as soon as it’s in the Apple store.

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ESPproMon was published by Apple yesterday and now available from
It’s not a smartphone app that you can simply download and start using. It’s the most complex app ever published, seriously. It requires you to scan one of 5 different QR code images that correspond to different versions of the app and create an account on our cloud based server for your ESP8266.

Full details are available at

If you do install the app on your iPhone please rate and review the app for us.

It’s a British Gas Hive and Google Nest style energy monitoring and home automation system with an entry level cost of $30 compared with $200 from the better known systems.

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