ESPAltherma vs Heat Meter Accuracy

Hello All!
I’ve seen a few people express a desire for comparative data concerning ESPAltherma and a heat meter (Sontex, Kamstrup etc), but have not found any info. I am especially concerned with data from a Daikin EDLA.

I should be interested to hear of any assessment of the accuracy of the Daikin flow rate, LWT, and EWT data obtained via ESPAltherma vs that from a “proper” heat meter.

I’ve deliberately put electricity consumption to one side; I know the data via ESPAltherma is inadequate and would either use an existing EmonPi or a new SDM120 (which looks like “the answer” given its reasonable price).

Cheers, and thanks in advance, Adam

I checked the electric measurement today - I compared the MMI today with my sensors and it was pretty much the same.

Heat produced was massively out though, compared with what I’ve got setup in emons.

I need to push the data from ESPAltherma for electricity to emons or look in HA to check what the values are being reported but didn’t get chance.

I’ll try to post some of my data if possible tomorrow.