ESP8266 Huzzah WIFI module - Change WiFi Network


I’ve had no problems for a couple of years using a emonTx V3 with Huzzah wifi adaptor.

Having upgraded my network I need to change the network to which the Huzzah WiFi module is connected.

As expected the Huzzah goes into AP mode, having lost its linked wifi network, however when I connect to it is asking for a username & password.
I’m pretty sure I didn’t originally input one and if I did it would have been identical to my OpenEnergyMonitor details.
Anyway I cannot access the Huzzah to change the wifi network.
I’m aware of an option to power up with a reset button pressed, but would like to have checked out the options to go through the front door before breaking the front door down, so to speak!

Thanks for any advice

Is there anything to prevent you from giving the “new” network the same SSID as the old? If you can, all your devices will seamlessly connect to the replacement.

Failing that, I think a similar question was asked fairly recently. Try these:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It’s a bit late for leaving the SSID as it was because everything else is reconfigured. Advance reading intimated the EmonTx should be easily changed.

Thanks too for pointing me at the earlier posts. I’d seen them, albeit after the event, and am frantically avoiding having to get bogged down in reflashing.

I’ll set up a temporary network with the old credentials and see if I can access the Huzzah. Failing a resolution I reckon it’s easier just to buy a new one!

Thanks again.

Before you do that, let’s see if the real networking experts are able to help you.

I’ve never owned an ESP8266, so I can only refer you to what’s been seen here before.

Most of the current network wireless devices can handle multiple SSID’s. So, create the old SSID. A smartphone can also easy setup a hotspot with same settings as your network before… many ways to create the ‘old’ environment.

Yes, tried that both with phone and router but in both cases the module asks for Username and Password.
Am returning unit to get reflash rather than mess about any further.
Thank you for your input.