ESP32-WROOM32D - Red and White LED Blinking

I got my PCB in today from Mike, And I programmed the ESP32-wroom-32d, and the LED below the esp32w is flashing Red and blue, The screen isn’t coming on nor doing any off the normal testing. This is my first time turn it on. Can you help?

I see that D8 is missing, Would that cause the issue with it flashing red to blue?

If you are using the test application it is alerting as red/blue due to missing an SD card.

With the normal diyBMS application it is not critical to have the SD card and the LED should blink blue (I think!)

I also noticed a bit of extra play in the Micro SD adapter. If after inserting an SD card and restarting the ESP32 you still see the red/blue LED pull the SD card out around 1mm and restart the ESP32 again. It should resolve the issue.

So, I got the software on the ESP32-wroom32d, and built it, and up loaded it (Platformio.ini), It goes to boot, and all i have is a red and white led blinking. The screen doesn’t turn on. But the TEST software works fine. I do have the RX and TX looped. SD card is installed as well… I have tired this on 4 other ESP32 controllers and the same thing. Do i need to upload or install any other software? Maybe I’m missing a step?

It sounds like you only uploaded the code binary and need to still upload the filesystem image.

@stuart can you init and display something on the TFT (if present) in addition to the LED blinks to provide a more description of the failure?

Please just follow the instructions in GitHub!

Theres a precompiled binary containing both code and spiffs/file system image.

No need for the platform io stuff, just follow the instructions on GitHub

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