Esp32-wroom-32e WIFI pinout

looks like I purchased esp32-wroom-32e (Adafruit HUZZAH32 - ESP32 Feather) that has micro-USB connector at the end. Just confirming that the pins I’m interested when connecting this to OpenEVSE are the USB+GND (for power) and 16/RX and 17/TX for data? Does the adafruit_huzzah32.bin work directly with this pinout?

Pic is not the E-revision, but similar enough to help with this question.

Looks like the 16/RX and 17/TX do not work. Installed the 5.1.0 WIFI FW, and 8.2.2 OpenEVSE FW, but WIFI says “OpenEVSE module is missing. Please check your setup before going further”.

Turns out I had to use the adafruit_featheresp32.bin. Used the latest one, seems to work. Might rebuild own version to get to current stable version, or then not, if this works well enough.