ESP32 has 12 bit resolution ADC


I’m chugging through some of the code in EnergyMonitor::calcIrms(). I’m curious around the factor 1024 on line 193:

189: sampleI = analogRead(inPinI)
191: // Digital low pass filter extracts the 2.5 V or 1.65 V dc offset,
192: // then subtract this - signal is now centered on 0 counts.
193: offsetI = (offsetI + (sampleI-offsetI)/1024);
194: filteredI = sampleI - offsetI;

I believe that the factor should be 4096 for a 12 bit ADC. Probably better should be “ADC_COUNTS” which is defined as

// to enable 12-bit ADC resolution on Arduino Due,
// include the following line in main sketch inside setup() function:
// analogReadResolution(ADC_BITS);
// otherwise will default to 10 bits, as in regular Arduino-based boards.
#if defined(__arm__)
#define ADC_BITS 12
#define ADC_BITS 10

#define ADC_COUNTS (1<<ADC_BITS)

What am I overlooking?

I answered that same question by you only days ago. Try searching for it.

Duh, short term memory… sorry