ESP32 and SCT013 problem

I am new with SCT013 but I managed to work with an Uno. The next step is to switch to an ESP32 for sending the data to a server. Here comes the problem.

Maybe there is some solution for this here, but I didn’t find it. So here it goes…

When I use the very bone sketch for getting the data from the CT, it works like a charm.

This outputs the data. I tied the CT to a pin 15, which is an analog pin on ESP32.
However, when I add the WiFi.begin(SSID, pass); in the setup function, it stops outputting the data. Is there any work arround?

I have read - I cannot remember where - that this is a known problem. It might have been here:

We generally do not recommend the ESP 32 for analogue processing, see these comments that relate particularly to noise and linearity problems.:

It says a lot.

I tried a few workarounds but not any progress.