Errors after upgrade of Emoncms self install

Hi, I’ve been running version of Emoncms on a Synology NAS ever since v9 came out. I’ve upgraded a few times and never had a problem. I recently upgraded from 9.7 to 9.9 master (9.9.6beta it says). I now get a few errors and some strange behaviour.

  1. When logging in, I get "Uncaught ReferenceError: nodes_display is not defined.
    This is from process_ui.js (line 538)

  2. When navigating to a dashboard, I get "Uncaught ReferenceError: _Tr_Vis is not defined.
    This is from vis_render.js (line 21)

  3. When I try and edit a dashboard, I get the same error in _Tr_Vis and I don’t seem to be able to select anything or add anything to the dashboard. Selecting “Configure” only allows me Configure Element window with nothing in it. Also, a dial widget showing temperature has gone missing from the dashboard.

I’ve gone through and checked all the downloaded to make sure they are the same as what it in the repository. Sorry, I can’t run git on the client. I’ve see other posts about some of these errors, but haven’t had the same success.

Any help?

Did you update any modules installed as well or just the base emoncms?

There is a script in the usefulscripts repository that will update all the Modules found as well (check the file path).

Did you run a database check?

Clear browser cache?

That script uses git which Neil has said he cannot run.

@Neil_Begin - Basic stuff I’m afraid, but have you cleared the browser cache? And is there any further info in the browser’s developer console?

Hi Neil, how did you update then? Download locally and then FTP across? If so, I suggest doing the same for any non-core Modules you have installed.

Could you also go to the Administration screen and click ‘Copy Server Information to Clipboard’ then paste it here (no further formatting required).

This error has been seen with an out of date Dashboard Module.

Okay. Was able to clear the dashboard error by downloading the Dashboard module again and copying it over the existing directory. Also deleted the symlink for dashboard → dashboard that was create from the unzip.

Error on login about nodes_display still remains.

autocomplete(document.getElementById(“new-feed-tag”), Object.keys(nodes_display));

Server Information
||emonhub | ||mqtt_input | ||feedwriter | ||service-runner | ||emonPiLCD | ||redis-server | ||mosquitto | |Emoncms|Version|9.9.6-beta ||Modules|Administration : Dashboard v1.3.1 : device : EventProcesses : Feed : Graph v1.2.1 : Input : CoreProcess : Schedule : Time : User : Visualisation ||Git|URL: origin : Branch: : Describe: |Server|OS|Linux 3.10.35 ||Host|Helios : Helios : ( ||Date|2019-01-29 23:27:09 EST ||Uptime| 23:27:09 up 3 days, 11:02, load average: 1.06, 0.99, 1.00 |HTTP|Server|Apache HTTP/1.1 CGI/1.1 80 |MySQL|Version|5.5.47-MariaDB ||Host|localhost ( ||Date|2019-01-29 23:27:09 (UTC -05:00‌​) ||Stats|Uptime: 298867 Threads: 1 Questions: 5994345 Slow queries: 0 Opens: 542 Flush tables: 2 Open tables: 4 Queries per second avg: 20.056 |Disk|Mount|Stats ||/|Used: 70.10% Total: 2.28 GB Used: 1.59 GB Free: 580.5 MB ||/tmp|Used: 0.04% Total: 1.47 GB Used: 664 KB Free: 1.47 GB ||/run|Used: 0.30% Total: 1.47 GB Used: 4.44 MB Free: 1.46 GB ||/dev/shm|Used: 0.00% Total: 1.47 GB Used: 0 B Free: 1.47 GB ||/proc/bus/usb|Used: 0.00% Total: 1.46 GB Used: 4 KB Free: 1.46 GB ||/volume1|Used: 92.85% Total: 14.31 TB Used: 13.29 TB Free: 1.02 TB |PHP|Version|5.5.33 (Zend Version 2.5.0) ||Modules|apc v4.0.6 : apcu v4.0.6 : bcmath : bz2 : calendar : cgi-fcgi : Core v5.5.33 : ctype : curl : date v5.5.33 : dba : dom v20031129 : ereg : exif v1.4 $Id: ff29fdd0fa0b922fd32e2f5704857dcc8543f628 $ : filter v0.11.0 : ftp : gd : gettext : hash v1.0 : iconv : imap : json v1.2.1 : libxml : mbstring : mcrypt : mhash : mysql v1.0 : mysqli v0.1 : mysqlnd vmysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 15d5c781cfcad91193dceae1d2cdd127674ddb3e $ : openssl : pcntl : pcre : PDO v1.0.4dev : pdo_mysql v1.0.2 : pdo_pgsql v1.0.2 : pgsql : readline v5.5.33 : Reflection v$Id: dc76d2fe0f3e9c327c1d4ca617d94e26c7fae98d $ : session : shmop : SimpleXML v0.1 : soap : sockets : SPL v0.2 : standard v5.5.33 : syno_compiler v0.1 : tokenizer v0.1 : wddx : xml : xmlreader v0.1 : xmlrpc v0.51 : xmlwriter v0.1 : Zend OPcache v7.0.6-devFE : zip v1.11.0 : zlib v2.0
Client Information
HTTP Browser Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Window Size 1368 x 903

The only error in the developers console is the following:
jquery-1.11.3.min.js:5 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check


That has been seen elsewhere (Sync causes issue when connected to other environment - #26 by TrystanLea).

@TrystanLea did put a quick fix in that has not quite done it but I expect he will update that again shortly.