Error requesting wiki user

I just tried to request a user for the wiki, but received this error message:

Error sending mail:

authentication failure [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 535, response: 5.7.0 Incorrect username or password.)]

Can someone fix this? It looks as though the SMTP config should be updated.



Do you mean this wiki? OpenEnergyMonitor Wiki

I guess you do, I just tried logging in and failed (apparent password error). A password reset request resulted in these errors

One for @glyn.hudson I think…

Exactly. Thanks. Does that mean that Glyn has been notified, or should I message him?

He should get a notification of the mention.

Hi @jeff,

Sorry about this. We have had a lot of problems with spam on the wki, we have had to disable all new accounts and email functions. We are slowly moving all our technical documentation to gitub (much better version control and easier editing). The wiki is currently in archive, please let me know if you spot any changes you would like me to make. Existing wiki users will still be able to login as long as they know their passwords!

I was pretty sure I knew my password, I use a password manager, but I couldn’t log in.

That’s strange, I can login with the two account I use to mange the Wiki. I think it’s best we put out resources into moving the documentation to markdown format hosting on github. Any help with this would be much appreciated. It’s probably quite easy to do with a html / media wiki to markdown converter. e.g. the emonTx docs should be on the hardware emontx repo, the schematic and brd layout is already there:

The spam I understand, but if you are suggesting that cloning a git repo, making the change, committing it, pushing it to github and creating a merge request if easier than editing a wiki, then I disagree.

Obviously, for those who already have a clone to hand, it isn’t much harder, but this seems to raise the bar somewhat for new users wanting to contribute something small.

It’s possible to edit github directly in a web browser, no cloning is require

The main reason for GitHub better version control, we can keep the documentation on the same version as the hardware with the ability to view back in time at older documentation with older hardware. Github also makes keeping an offline copy easier and markdown is the most interpenetrate standard for documentation so we can move it easily if the future if needed.