Error on Dashboards

@TrystanLea - I recently started with a new SD card and the emonSD-03May16 image. I did an emonPi update and I get this error on all of the Dashboards:

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$name in /var/www/emoncms/Modules/graph/widget/graph_widget.php on line 11

Not sure if this is related to the recent changes in the graphs.

Hello Jon, the recent changes to the graph module require a new table to be created. If you navigate to Setup > Administration and then run Update and Check that should sort it for you.

I did the Update & Check yesterday and received the yellowish background and then clicked Apply (or OK - I don’t remember). But that did not correct the error above. Today I did the Update & Check then the message “Database is up to date - Nothing to do”.

Ok, I’ve made a small change that should fix this in the graph module, if you can run emonpi update again, it should bring it in and hopefully sort it

All dashboards or just the ones with graphs already on? If you had dashboards with “non-id’d” graphs and have now updated/installed to the latest graphs module you may need to delete the graphs from those dashboards and add them again so they have “ids” not “names”. Try creating a new graph and add it to a new dash, does that work ok?

Also have you tried clearing the browser cache?

EDIT - forget that @TrystanLea has posted while I was writing!

Trystan - That fixed it! Thank you!

Paul - it was Dashboards with graphs. And I had deleted the cache. And I had re-saved the Visualization (Extra > Visualization) and then re-saved the Dashboard, but no luck. Yesterday I did not try deleting and recreating graphs.

Thanks again! Jon

I have the same error message, suddenly.
ErrorMsg: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$name in /var/www/emoncms/Modules/graph/widget/graph_widget.php on line 11

More serious: When starting a dashboard from the Dashboard menu, it will not open… nothing happens.
But when opening from the setup screen, pushing the eye, the dashboard opens, with above error.

I’m using the .org version of emonCMS**.org.**
Since a few weeks i get this error messages on my dashboards:

Undefined property: stdClass::$name in /var/www/emoncms/Modules/graph/widget/graph_widget.php on line 11

The dashboard then is displayed correctly (except the error msg).

In addition, dashboards cannot be called from the dasboard menu: No data displayed.
But form the “Edit Dashboard” screen it can be called (view icon)

I did a few tests: With and without graphs, text headers, etc. Result: The errror occures even on an empty screen!

btw, i get this error msg also in edit mode!

I tried just now again - now the error message is gone! Thanks to anyone who corrected that bug.