ERROR: Feed could not be created

Good night. Has anyone ever seen this error? Could you tell me how to solve it? I am using emoncms as localhost in Windows.

ERROR: Feed could not be created, could not write meta data file fopen (/var/lib/phpfina/20.meta): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.

I’m trying to add a feed.

Hi @Mauricio_Fernando, I do not think you have changed the settings file for paths for your Windows server as those are Unix paths.

Right @borpin . I’m at work now. As soon as I get home I will do as you directed me. I made a code using arduino and current sensor to send localhost and also to the emoncms (I paid the credit to use for a year but still have to associate my account). Thank you as soon as I make the corrections I will let you know. If you want I can make it available too. Sorry for the mistakes in English.

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