Error: Feed could not be created, feed already exits

Hi - I’ve created a second node and am posting inputs directly to

Here is my inputs page

All good so far! However when I try create new “log to feeds” or kwH logs I get the Error

I would have thought that with different nodes the input names could be the same, is this not so? What am I doing wrong?

What you are doing is processing data from a physical Node that creates data Inputs, to a storage Feed. There does not need to be a direct correlation between the Input structure and the Feed structure. If you have 2 inputs that both produce temp & humidity, you might want a feed group of the 2 humidity data streams and another group of the 2 temperature data streams.

The Feed names need to be unique. I am not infront of a system right now, but there are 2 parts to the Feed; the first part is the grouping and the second the feed name. I think the unique bit is a combination of the 2.

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