Error creating user

Tried a few times installing and reinstalling emoncms locally on lubuntu 18 with php 7.2. I had to install mcrypt manually because its now deprecated and not part of versions 7.2 and greater.

I thought that this was the problem when trying to signin for the first time on emoncms locally but I’m always getting the error creating user message no MATTER what I try and I went through all the possible solutions that were proposed recently and still no luck …

Does anyone have any idea what next can be tried ??

Which branch of the emoncms repo are you using?

The linux guide instructs you to clone the “stable” branch, can you try the “master” branch?

See the Local emoncms installation - apache configuration "permission denied" - #6 by Lykke thread and the Emoncms "Error creating user" thread.

There were some changes made 12th Feb that have not filtered through to the stable branch yet.

I did the latest one and also I changed the branches as indicated in the previous posts but to no avail …

And did you try using “update database” from the admin page after switching branches? There is a difference in the mysql schemas.

I can’t get to the admin page …

Oh yeah!

I wonder if you drop all the tables via the mysql commandline or phpmyadmin, then try creating a first user from the master branch would work?

The fix I was refering to is now in both the master and the stable branch, but it may be that a prior attempt to create a user will block the fix as the table will already be created.

If you cannot drop the tables to start a fresh, you may need to try starting over again.

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Also see the Problems login in after emonCMS update due to the email_verified column in users table - #2 by TrystanLea thread as @trystan has suggested a way around the “not able to log in to update the database” problem.