Error API

Good morning everyone, I’m new to the forum and thank you in advance for your attention.
I have a problem on Emoncms push response with nodered.
The system runs on a local Linux server with a static IP address of
When I send a sensor temperature value via nodered, the feed updates perfectly and I can correctly receive the data, but I also receive an “Error API Failed RC=200” error.
In the end it’s just a question of aesthetics, but I wish I didn’t have that error. Thank you

30/12/2023, 20:24:11node: Emoncms Push
msg : Object
_msgid: “184eeaf5.89c565”
topic: “http response”
payload: “↵ok”
urlsent: “{past/temperature:10}&node=temperature&apikey=Apikey
rc: 200
warning: “ERROR: API Call Failed”