Error after new installation - Proxmox

Hi I have emons cms installed on proxmox ve Ubuntu 22 container i get the following errors on the login screen

used to work alright but had to rebuild due to harddrive crash

How did you do the install? Last time I did it I used an Ubuntu Container template then ran the install script.

Wot no automated snapshots? For me that is the beauty of PVE; automated container snapshots to a NAS.

Ah, what version of PHP?

I also used the Ubuntu Container template (22.0), and the script.
Before it was on ubuntu 20 container
(EmonScripts/ at master · openenergymonitor/EmonScripts · GitHub)
yes, I’m in the process of building a NAS box, currently don’t have any.

will check and let you know

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My most recent SDImange based system is PHP 7.3 so that could be the issue (it looks like it from the error messages.

@TrystanLea - What version of PHP is Emoncms 11 compatible with? Just checked and my most up to date machine is running PHP 7.3 which is very nearly EOL.

Actually I think I just upgraded in place so PHP didn’t get updated.

Yes it is still a Buster base image system :frowning: Really ought to update it, but if it ain’t broke…

There is a fix which worked for mqtt error during installation but nothing for php PHP8 & making the emoncms_mqtt service work · Issue #144 · openenergymonitor/EmonScripts · GitHub

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I upgraded a Ubuntu 20 LTS VM to 22 LTS and it seems to remove old php versions (7.4.3 in my case) and plonk 8.1.2 on there.

So I would imagine any brand new 22 LTS would be 8.1.x out of the box.

This obviously broke emoncms, so I reverted and left it as is for now.

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I think I will have to do the same, will give it try thank you.

Installed on ubuntu 20 container with php 7.4.3 everything works fine

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