EPOCH Time Stamp

Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this would be possible in EMONCMS.ORG and would appreacite some assistance.

I have RaspberryPi writing data to EmonCMS.ORG and displayed dashboard in my Windows Browzer.
RaspberryPi write EPOCH Time value, i.e. 1517675094 to a Node Input.

Can EmonCMS.ORG convert this feed value and display the Date and Time?

Thank you

I would be keen to hear if there is way to do this too.

I was looking into it sometime ago but gave up before reaching a solution as it became apparent there were other obstacles surrounding this between me and my goal.

it may not effect you @FlipSnyman but I should mention that using timestamps as values in emoncms is somewhat limited. This is because data is predominantly saved as a 32bit float (phpfina and phptimeseries). This means the timestamps only have resolution to 7 digits, so timestamps later than Sept 9th 2001 are only accurate to the nearest 16mins and 40secs, on the plus side that resolution should not deteriorate any further until Nov 20th 2286 :slight_smile: