Enphase S230 anyone repaired one before?

throughout this year I have been loosing a unit every few weeks and now down to only 6x working units reporting data

it seems to be just the monitoring not working as I think they are still producing power , green flashing lights and drawing DC power verifying AC output is a task I can not be bothered with as I would have to rewire a few things

so after stumbling across this old discussion


I am now wondering if these might just have corrupt firmware that could be re-flashed ?

or it might be the gateway as my python scripts been miss behaving the last few months so I stopped data logging
so unsure where the fault may lie

tho confused why the gateways always only sitting on 5% used storage …

and as enphase will not talk to end user , I figured stuff the warranty I’ll just start popping them open and having a look when I have 2 remaining working ones
( something to steal working firmware from and a backup )
just hoping not epoxy filled

The gateway I have (the older white “pill” shaped box) sits at 4 to 5% and has done so ever
since I installed it in Dec of 2016. So I’d guess that’s normal operation.

I’m very confused by this thread. What’s meant by a ‘unit’? Is it one of the Enphase S230 microinverters? Can you see the system on the Enphase website? What does it say is the state? What does your generation meter say? There seem to be so many ways to verify what is happening.

What would have corrupted the firmware? Is this a known problem with the hardware? (I have an Enphase system and haven’t heard anything like this)

What is the ‘gateway’? The only thing I can imagine is the Envoy.

I’ve an Enphase system too. I’ve had 2 M-215s and an M-250 die over a period of about six years.
All three quit working completely. No output and no communiction with the Envoy.
(Enphase replaced all three) I’ve not heard of any firmware issues.

been trying all year just to get the first one replaced by enphase and they
( the S230’s )
just keep dropping out but they appear to be working just not sending data

I never paid for the envoy gateway monitoring software … they wanted like $900 for it so I wrote my own scraper which logs everything in 10 sec intervals
and using Toolkit on the mobile phone for verifying things and I am defiantly now down to 6 units according to it

due to my neglect I forgotten to backup my solar db in June and lost it all when I pruned docker

September I just gave up as the envoy started playing up and locking me out of grabbing data unless I rebooted

I must admit the communication issues between me and the gateway happened when I swapped over to python 3 so … still unsure

and todays plotting , and updated my code to blacklist the others that stopped reporting because they throw off the daily calculations by flat lining so tomorrow the flat lines should be gone again

pretty sure its from the voltage increase they started dying when things started peaking over 245v

oddly its only the inverters data that keeps playing up , all the other data keeps plotting along

I ran into the same problem. i.e. several of my M250s would drop out near solar noon, yet come back
online afterwards. (measurements with a Fluke 27 DMM revealed the line voltage was going above 250 Volts) I was able to resolve it by modifying the device grid configuration

I changed the overvoltage limit and the overvoltage limit (secondary) to the upper end of
the allowable range, and the problem went away.

Quite some time ago, they stopped charging for the monitoring service.
(I’ve never used their software so don’t know WRT that)

hmm interesting

but I would have thought that would cause more issues ,

my envoy seems to now be in an endless reboot loop I only get acess to it for a few seconds every few minutes

but I did not see a way to enter the profiles ,
just a option to select them in which case it was the AU one’s

OK, that makes sense. (I’m in the US.)

I have the old style Envoy, i.e. this one: