Enphase EnvoyS integration in Emoncms (multiphase)

Hi all,

Based on previous work of Edwin Bontenbal, I’ve implemented a full package for a complete integration of the Enphase EnvoyS multiphase in Emoncms.

The code has been developed to make use of the local envoy instance and does not make any use of the enlighten web application.

The scripts are written in python and can be found on Github. Please follow the readme.md instructions for installation and configuration.
The script can be easily modify to support single phase EnvoyS.

Sources can be downloaded at: https://github.com/FredM67/EnvoyS2Emoncms

Additionally, I provide a device template (for single phase and multiphase) so the user can easily configure the feeds he wants.

Feel free to ask for support…

Have fun!



Thank you Fred!

That project has been on my “ToDo” list for many months, never seeming to get to the top.
I have been fooling around with the JSON pages on the Envoy but still have one question. Does the EnvoyS provide any way to obtain the peak/maximum consumption? The Enlighten app provides peak generation and consumption in 15 minute chucks but not instantaneous measures. I’m interested as part of sizing the inverter on a battery system. Existing system is a single phase US install. I’m using a pair of IotaWatts on branch circuits.

Thanks again for your work.

Hi Mike,

Well, I don’t know. What I’m using is somehow undocumented feature of the EnvoyS. Probably with the API V2. of the EnvoyS, you could get this… I’ve to search in the documentation.
BTW, at least the import value returned by the EnvoyS is very unprecise. There’s a lot of difference with the real import. Perhaps it’s due to my diverter which diverts energy to my water heater in burst mode. :thinking:


I think, this is what you are looking for:

I’ve just tried that, and you get the data as shown in the app in period of 15 minutes.