Enphase Envoy integration in Emoncms

Hi all,

For those user who would like Enphase envoy integration in emoncms I developed some scripts to readout the envoy monitor. The code has been developed to make use of the local envoy instance and does not make any use of the enlighten web application.

The scripts are written in python and can be found on Github. Please follow the readme.md instructions for installation.

Sources can be downloaded at: GitHub - EdwinBontenbal/Envoy2Emoncms

Have fun!

Edwin Bontenbal

Just an FYI - from what I have read out there, only the Envoy-S with firmware 4.x.x supports access to the inverter data with the username envoy and password of the last 6 digits of serial number. Older units, non -S ones, don’t give up that easily.