Energy monitoring on Mitsubishi Ecodan

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I recently moved into a rental with a pre installed Ecodan with FTC5 or FTC6. Since the outside temperatures are dropping, I want to turn on the heating of the apartment. For this, I would like to monitor the energy consumption. In the manual, it says that energy consumption should be visible in the ‘quick settings’ menu (as seen in one of the pictures, taken from the heat pump of a neighbor). However, when I open the quick settings, instead of the energy usage, it shows me the settings of the Holiday mode (other picture, taken on my heat pump).

I have not used the Holiday mode, and it is not turned on. Is there a way I can switch out the Holiday mode settings with the energy usage settings? Or can I see the energy usage somewhere else? I have been reading the manual and trying on the controller itself, but I haven’t managed to see my energy usage yet.

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There might be a DIP switch inside the FTC, or just a setting, that turns on/off the energy consumption. Worth checking the installation manual to check.

Do you have any sort of flow meter installed? The system needs to know the flow rate through the system to calculate the energy output.

I have an ecodan system and removed the SIKA flow rate meter and so I know that I cannot get the energy consumption out of my Ecodan system. I will have a look later and see what I get on the panel.

It is probably an FTC4 which doesn’t have energy monitoring

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Hello @Vinny,

Thanks for the answer, I think you are right. I will be in contact with my landlord since I have the wrong manual now.

I guess since the heat pump uses a regular 230V socket, I can also plug in an Energy meter inbetween the heat pump and the socket. However, I will not be able to determine my COP sadly.