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Energy data acquisition from multiple units

Hi there, I would like some advice on the easiest way to monitor pulse outputs from up to 20 industrial panel mounted kWh meters. The meter gives a single pulse per kWh with a minimum duration of 100ms. It’s quite a slow pulse rate say 20Hz max. I was thinking of using an Arduino Uno but digital inputs are limited. I would like to be able to send the data via LAN in .csv format as a report. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I used the 12 input pulse counter for multiple input pulse counting.
I wired it direct serial instead of wireless.
The hardware design and code can be found in the Learn section.

Hi there. Thanks for getting back to me. This looks just what I need. Would there be a way to expand the number of inputs to 20?

Not with the ATMega328, I think 12 is the max Digital Inputs available.

How about Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3? It has 54 digital inputs?