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Made me think, I wonder who has the most complex spreadsheet :laughing: and what stats are generated. I’ve been taking monthly readings for 5 years now (same house) so I have a fair bit of historical data.

I can’t do that much more about my consumption; I’m more interested in cost. What intrigues me is that despite the news headlines, in absolute terms, my power costs me less per kWh now, than it did 5 years ago. If you put inflation into the mix, the reduction would be even greater.

Of course one of the reasons for this is the pricing structure that means the more you use the cheaper it is per kWh (standing charge gets spread more thinly) which is bizarre. It means those that can afford it, just burn energy with impunity. I’d advocate a pricing structure that reduces the cost for the first X kWh consumed, and the price rises as the level of consumption increases. That would be an incentive to use less, at least be a start to help those who are energy poor and be a more equal energy policy generally.

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Interesting to see the trend there @borpin are you on Octopus now?

Here’s my recent emoncms associated use of a spreadsheet:

These are all monthly average values exported from emoncms, outside and indoor temperatures, electricity consumption for different circuits and heat output from the heat pump

I’ve used it to cross check my original SAP 2012 based energy assessment for our house and written up the result here: Trystan Lea

Average space heating COP 3.9, water heating COP 3.5. 45% less heat and 52% less electricity for the heat pump than the standard SAP assumptions suggested - less energy primarily as a result of lower indoor temperatures and higher external temperatures than initial assessment assumptions.

No it isn’t worth it as I do not have any PV to help out through the day. I was hopeful that, now that the tariffs have been removed, the cost of PV would reduce, but that does not seem to have happened. Installation is just a rip off so I’m not willing to line their pockets.

Have you considered DIY solar?, @glyn.hudson’s managed good results this way:
Bimble solar do affordable kits:

What tariff are you on at the moment? 7.5 p/kWh is very cheap!