Enabling use_syslog in emonhub duplicates to 3 files

Hi folks, some time ago I enabled the “use_syslog” statement in my emonhub.conf file, as I wanted a copy of the logs to be sent to my external syslog server, so when the Pi hangs and needs a reboot, I have a chance of reviewing the logs to see what caused it.

This week I noticed /var/log was full, and I found that the emonhub messages that are written to emonhub/emonhub.log were also being written to /var/log/user.log and /var/log/messages, as well as /var/log/syslog, so I was getting 4 copies of the log entries.

I have just tested this, by disabling “use_syslog”, and restarting emonhub service, and emonhub messages were no longer written to user.log, messages and syslog. Re-enabling the “use_syslog” option caused the messages to be written to the 3 extra files again.

Is this working as designed, and/or any suggestions on how to prevent the emonhub messages being written to user.log and messages when use_syslog is enabled ? I can accept a copy in the syslog file, but would like to avoid getting 4 copies.

This is on an emonbase, running emonSD-07Nov16 and emoncms low-write 9.7.7 | 2016.10.29