emonVs power plug for Bermuda

We’re working on an install of the emonTX (V4); emonBase; and emonVs (ordered without plug) in Bermuda (single phase).

This will replace an earlier installation of emonPi + emonTX + AC2AC (voltmeter).

The emonVs was ordered without a power plug: it looks like the power for the new installation will need a plug, else extra work to source power to the emonVs, or power for the system comes from where?

Would a emonVs with plug be an easier fix? A US-type plug would be needed for Bermuda: can I simply use a conversion plug from UK or EU to US/Bermuda?

Thank you in advance.

PS We’d like to move to actual encryption with keys - not a fixed key or cryptography XOR fixed key on the device & would gladly offer additional data security to interested folks.

A converter plug will work fine, just ensure you use one that connects the earth wire. Or you order the version without a plug and hard-wire it via a 3A fused spur or 6A MCB.

@TrystanLea can advise on encryption. Currently, I believe encryption is done via a fixed key in the firmware:

Thank you, Glyn

Perhaps not obviously, the same hard-coded key must be used throughout - in every device sharing the radio network.

Naturally. Plus, the node is predetermined at 17. We intend to secure the sign-in & the packet stream independent of the fixed key.