EmonTX4 with extension board over USB?


I just starting some test with the 6CT extension board.
Firmware works fine and I can see the correct value in the serial monitoring.

Unfortunately I not getting the data in omoncms.
My board is connected over USB-C to my RPI. just wondering if that should work with the EmonLibDB firmware ?


Which sketch are you using?

As far as I can see, Trystan hasn’t published a sketch for the emonTx4 with the expansion board and the serial output in the format expected by emonHub - this format exists only in this 6-channel sketch: https://github.com/openenergymonitor/emontx4/tree/main/firmware/EmonTxV4 (Lines 432 onwards)

I think you will need to use the ‘max’ demonstration sketch included with the emonLibDB library and change or add to the serial output whatever data you need, using the format from the 6-output sketch in the link above. Alternatively, you could start with the 6-output sketch and add power channels 7 - 12. If you do it this way, you must either turn off the radio or not add to the data sent by radio because there is a limit on the message length. I do not know if there is a length limit for the serial output into emonHub.

What is the data format you are seeing?

I managed to fixe the issue by following the solution describt in this topic: