Emontx4 losing mqtt connection

My Emontx4 running 3.1.4 seems to occasionally lose the connection to MQTT
only a restart will fix it.
Occasionally as in once every few months or so.
Has anyone seen this - or know a fix?


What is it using to communicate ESP/RF/USB? Where is the MQTT Broker hosted?

It’s using the esp32 WiFi adapter, Which is working fine.
The mqtt broker is on the local emoncms instance.

@glyn.hudson has done a lot of the work on the ESP32s I think.

If you enable logging on the Broker, you may be able to see if there is anything to help identify the issue.

OK i’ve increased the logging from error to notice
at least then I can see new connections from the clients.
fingers crossed it will show something of interest.
will post when it happens.
Thanks for your help Brian