Emontx4,.. Electronic schematics

Hi guys… i have been looking unsuccesfully for the electronic schematic diagrams of the emontx4… to understand a little more.

Can anyone point me at the schematics… a pdf is fine… or the eagle schematic file.
Many tx

Perfect,… thankyou,…
Loaded up into Eagle,… and have answered my question,. the 3 x DS18B20 temperature sensor inputs all go to a common input (PB4) on the main chip… and all share the same 3.3v supply across their connections.

Off topic I know,… but,… the CP2102 USB to UART chip,… why does the DTR signal have an in line 100nF capacitor,… going to a 10K pullup, and a signal (netname) called RESET… as the datasheet says (if unused this pin can be left to float),…as this does not appear to be intuitive to my ‘logic thinking’,… I may clearly have missing the obvious,… but my curiosity has the better of me…

The reset pin only needs a very short pulse to reset the device being programmed.
A series connected 100nF will pull it low for a short time and then be charged by the 10k pullup and the reset line will again go high.