Emontx4 3-phase

EmonTx4 can be connected to an EmonVS -phase.
Looking at the code, I don’t see anywhere where VS2 and VS3 are read/used… did I miss something, or perhaps it’s “simply” not implemented yet !
As far as I know, for such a config, we need to know on which phase each CT is connected, right?

No, and correct - the 3-phase version is progressing, but no promises yet for when it might be available.

Correct - otherwise you’ll have a 120° phase error one way or the other. The present thinking is any c.t can work with any phase, you must tell it which one. But each pair of c.t. & v.t (the v.t. is inside the emonVs of course) will operate as a single phase wattmeter, with a 95 - 240 V input and a current input up 100 A depending on the c.t. chosen. You cannot connect the emonVs in delta to 398 - 415 V, you must have a 4-wire supply at no greater than 240 V. It is hoped (not promised) that in a future version, c.t’s can be used with loads connected in delta.

Ok, so I didn’t miss anything :smiley:
What about implementing the 3-phase version ? For sure I can do that ! I’ve already fully optimized the sketches from Robin Emley, specially the 3-phase router…
The only problem… I’d need an EmonTx4 :thinking: :innocent:

The AVR-DB series is a bit different to the '328P, so reading 15 inputs and getting the timing between reading inputs and phase errors correct is not as simple as was first thought.

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Lol, sure… I’ve started reading the spec, specially the section about the ADC.
That’s probably not so realistic to use/implement so much CTs. 6, like on the mono, plus the 3 for voltage would be a good “start”.

BTW, a lot of variables seem to be unused in the sketch emonTxV4.ino… probably for future uses ?!?

Which were you thinking about?

For example, CT_count, all boolean CT1-6
These variables are not used, at least I didn’t find any other references.

Those are what Trystan used to control the serial output - only sending the data for inputs where a c.t. was detected. The “grounded” input approach adopted with the V4 precludes detection of the c.t., which for the V3 was by detecting whether the input was at half-rail voltage or shorted to ground in the socket.

The facility is likely to be retained and become a configuration option.

Ok, that’s for sure for future use… but for now, they’re unused.
When I develop a software, I always turn all warnings on, and even add what is not “standard”.
Well, somehow, vocational deformation :smiley:

Blockquote No, and correct - the 3-phase version is progressing, but no promises yet for when it might be available.

Sorry to necro and I know it’s a bit cheeky to ask, but is there a rough estimate for when 3 phase might be ready beyond this year? Appreciate any info you can give!

Welcome, Jordan, to the OEM forum.

It will certainly be this year, I would hope next month, but still no promises.

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Any news on a beta or full version of this 3-phases code ?

Thanks in advance,

I don’t have a 3-phase supply, so I’m unable to verify the library. This has to be done at Megni’s lab/workshop. There have been problems with the LPL library, which I think I have got to the bottom of in the last few days, but additional verification work is still needed.

Hello @Arno @FredM67 the 3 phase firmware has now been released. We are looking for folk happy to test and give feedback on the process of using the firmware.

Please see the forum thread here for more information, it also links to the original emonLibDB library release that makes this functionality possible:
EmonTx4 3-phase support with emonLibDB

and @jainslie :slight_smile:

Hey Trystan, that’s great news…
I’d be happy to test it, unfortunately, I don’t have any hardware for that :frowning: