Emontx3 Updating to Continuous Sampling

Hi Guys,

I have an old emonTx running emonTxV3.4 Discrete Sampling version which has been operating without issue for many years reporting to an RPi running EmonHub.
I would like to update the firmware to emonTxV3.4 Continuous Sampling to take advantage of the improved accuracy.

When I try to upload the new firmware it stops working - I suspect I will need to modify some of the pins and variable settings in the sketch but am not sure. Is there a guide / tutorial somewhere listing the changes I need ?

Thanks in advance,


If you are NOT intending to update your RPi to use the LPL r.f. library, then your emonTx V3.4 should work straight away when you compile a CM sketch using emonLibCM. However, the radio packet has different contents so you must edit your emonhub.conf in your RPi to accept the new data structure.

All the information you should need is in the emonLibCM documentation, part of the Zip download of emonLibCM. There are example sketches in there too - but again, your emonhub.conf will need changes.