Emontx3 - changing wifi

Hi all - I have an emontx3 (with wifi) which is connected to an old wireless network we used previously in the house which I’m trying to decommission. The last device I need to move off of it is the emontx3 but I can’t find out how to switch this to the new SSID. Changing the new ISPs wifi to the old name is not an option

I can ping the device on the “old” network but can’t browse to it to get to a UI - should I be able to?

I have seached but can’t find out how to change the wifi settings. Is this a case of treating it as if it was a new device and changing jumper settings.

Any guidance gratefully received.


I posted this a few years ago - got a ‘Like’ so it looks as if it worked.

Failing this, or following on from, have you found this, and does it help?


If none of these help, I think it’s one for Trystan.

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It should be possible to access the UI, are you trying on IP address That would be the best approach and to then do a factory reset before starting again with configuring the new WiFi network.

A big thank you to everyone who replied. Further investigation revealed that the IP address I thought was the Emontx3 wasn’t - the clue was when I started a ping going and it continued to respond even when I killed the power to the emontx so sorry for wasting your time!