Emontx voltage Calibration

Hi All, just wanting to get my thoughts correct as im new to modifying the programming for Audrino based items. i know nothing about “sketches”, are these another name for firmware?

i have 3 Emontx V3’s ( got these before i knew about he IoTaWatt) all with EmonESP modules, all talking to my own EmonCMS server.

so i have about a 10% discrepancy in my voltage readings on my emonTX’s compared to what is actually there.

i have read the guide about calibration and comprehend what is needed to be changed and how to calculate and do so.
i think i need to get the usb to Uart programmer chip to upload a changed firmware source code for modified voltage corrections that i need to suit my 9v plug pack.

am i thinking right, or is there a way to update the EmonTx firmware via the EmonESP wifi cards?

thanks, Melv

Yes, it’s the Arduino name for the application software that you write and upload. (There’s also its internal operating system, called a “bootloader”, that you won’t need to touch or worry about.)

Yes, that’s correct. If you’re not certain of what you’re doing, get the one from the OEM Shop. There are cheaper ones available that claim to be suitable, but some work and some don’t.

Thanks Robert. glad i was on the right track. i’ll order and get one sent and get playing again :slight_smile:

I should have added that although the OEM-recommended programming tool is platformio, I and others have had big problems with it and recommend the standard Arduino IDE. You’ll need to download and install some libraries separately. Details are in “Learn” under “Using the Arduino IDE”

thanks, i’ll keep that in mind when the chip arrives