EmonTx via ESP8266 and MQTT Input Items

So I have added an ESP8266 to one of my EmonTX devices which is too far to broadcast to my EmonBase. I’ve connected it to the Wifi and configured the MQTT section to push the data over.

In the EmonESP configuration, I see the 4 power inputs, voltage and pulse counter inputs. It states that it is connected to the MQTT.

On the EmonBase, I have a new input node listed that matches the name given in the MQTT setup of the ESP8266, however, only one feed exists named espwifi3484, rather than what I expected which is the 6 inputs seen in the EmonESP.

Do I need to configure something else here?

please use MQTT-Eplorer to verify. Below my config and results. I can see all inputs:

Here all the info if you haven’t found yet. https://github.com/openenergymonitor/EmonESP

Can you post an Image of your emonBase Inputs page and the ESP8266 Configuration page please.

Ok, I’ll try, but it seems to have changed today!

So ESP8266 first, looked like this when I first logged in:

In the emonBase input list, it looks like this…

Note however, that this wasn’t updating until I rebooted the ESP8266. It connected and provided the result attached, however, it has stopped pushing any data to the MQTT again and the data is not updating in the emonbase.

I can still connect to the ESP8266 web interface without issue, however, my key/value pair list appears to have disappeared???


If I choose reboot on the ESP8266 via the web page config (as I did during my comments above). Does this only reboot the Wifi piece and not the Tx or both?

I’ve been and unplugged and restarted the USB and 9V AC supply… Only had a blue light on the Wifi module before, got activity from the red LED inside the Tx now as well.

I can see the following details in the log on the ESP8266 page now.

The emonbase is updating every 10 seconds as you would expect, but still just the one value as per the earlier screenshot.

It needs a power-down (as you did) or the reset push-button pressed to restart the emonTx. You can’t do it from the ESP via the serial input unless your sketches provide for the ESP to send and the emonTx to receive a serial command that will restart it.

Thanks, makes sense. TBH I didn’t notice there was a reset on the Tx!

Going back to the data issue, is it possible there is a conflict with my other 2 Tx units causing the data not to be seen?

This emonTx shouldn’t be transmitting on the R.F. band (depending on the sketch you’re using) so as far as I’m aware, there’s no mechanism whereby it can interfere. The other two might however be jamming each other. If this is happening, I’d expect it to happen for a short period, then they’d be OK for a while, as the transmissions should be at the same rate but won’t be exactly.

It’s way too far off the other devices, hence the esp8266. I was wondering more along the lines of nodeid or something.

Also I have no idea what the number is that it’s reporting currently?