emonTx v4 won't connect

Question about emonTx V4.

The emonTx V4 is installed on a main distribution board and is monitoring a three phase supply. emonBase is installed adjacent, but I’m relying on the radio connection. The emonBase is running happily. Power supply from emon Vs three-phase. I’ve applied all the updates to the emonBase. First though I couldn’t connect to the emonTx directly by serial link from a Mac AirBook. Tried both ports and inverted the USB cable as recommended. emonBase doesn’t see the emonTx either. Tried to configure but the emonTX doesn’t appear on the input list. emonTx appears to be alive. Flashing red LED is visible.

One more thing I will try is to make a wired USB connection between emonBase and emonTx. Cable is en-route so I haven’t been able to do the tests yet. Is there any more I can do?

Context is this: emonTx v4 is installed to monitor a three phase supply. Four current sensors on the three phases and neutral respectively. An existing emonPi is about 20m away near to a heat pump, An emonTx v3 is installed on a secondary distribution board that handles one of the phases. That’s about 10m away from the new emonTx v4. That emonTx v3 is linked to the emonPi.

Hi - is this a case similar to mine. I tried two different USB-C to USB-C cables without success. I then used a USB-C to USB-A cable with an adapter - and it worked immediately. Did you see my post from yesterday and the discussion about it?

Why are you monitoring the neutral? This will only give you the out-of balance current, which although your energy supplier would like you to reduce to a minimum (ideally zero) so that their out-of-balance demand is minimised, is largely meaningless.

I can’t think of a good reason why your emonTx4 won’t communicate with the new emonBase. When the emonTx4 was introduced, it was decided to change the library (and hence the format of the radio message) from JeeLib to LowPowerLab. Unless you mentioned your existing emonTx and emonPi when you bought the new units, they will be using the LowPowerLab library and a different radio format to the existing.

They should work, unless you’ve updated the emonBase and the emonTx4 to different formats – one to RFM69 LowPowerLabs and the other to RFM69 JeeLib Classic.

This also explains why the emonBase can’t see your old emonTx3.

One thing to note, although the message formats are different, both use the same radio channel, so you can expect “collisions” occasionally that will mean both systems lose the occasional message, even if you update everything to use a common message format.

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