EmonTx V3,emonbase and emoncms setup

I felt problem for the proper setup of emonTX V3,emonbase and emoncms . I have supplied all the necessary power and input to only one of the 4 CT’s and connected emonTX V3 and emonbase with RJ45 cable also antenna connected to emonTx V3 and SD card is also connected but also I am unable to get inputs at emoncms. Please help me to find the proper solution for my setup difficulty.

That doesn’t sound good. The RJ45 connectors are not for interconnecting emonTx and emonBase. The emonBase RJ45 is for Ethernet only and the RJ45 on the emonTx is only for sensors such as the pulsecounter and temp sensors.

Hopefully I have just misunderstood what you have said, or if you have used the RJ45’s incorrectly, I hope there is no damage.

Is the LED flashing on the emonTx every 10 seconds ?

Is there a matching LED flash on the RFM69Pi add-on board of the emonBase?

What info is there in the emonhub.log?

Thanks for this. LED wasn’t blinking so that how can i be sure that my emonTX and Emonbase are interconnected and working properly ???

Which LED wasn’t blinking?

The emonTx LED flashes when it sends,

The RFM69Pi LED flashes when it receives.

If they flash simultaneously, or thereabouts, that confirms a send and a receipt.

Look at the emonhub.log, all the emonTx data will pass through emonhub to get to emoncms. You can see the emonhub log output on the emonhub config page of emoncms. Or you can ssh into the emonbase and use

tail -f /var/log/emonhub/emonhub.log

Every thing gone right LED’s are blinking now but it is not showing any graph in emoncms and it is showing inactive below updated. What should I do now???

Now, Only problem I am facing is that my inputs are not updated with time. Also, In My case emonhub and wifi option is not seen in Emoncms. Help me out !!!

why my emoncms data are not updated in every 10 seconds ?

Hello @Ebhai can you give us more information, is this a local installation of emoncms on an emonpi/emonbase or emoncms.org?

yes, It is in emoncms.org . My data are not updated in every 10 seconds. It only shows the initial data

How did you set it all up? Did you follow the instructions from here? 3. Log Remotely - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

If so, what is showing in the “Log” section of the “EmonHub” page on your local emonbase here?
http://[your local emonbase IP]/emoncms/config/view

This is the same information Paul requested earlier (although he meant .log, not .conf in the tail command :wink: )

emonhub and wifi option are not there in emoncms what should I do now ??? Also my datas are not updated in evergy 10 seconds.

How did you set up your system?

Did you do this first: 1. Connect - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Did you do everything except Step 5: Connect via 3G GSM (optional) on that page?

You should then have moved to this: 2. Log Locally - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor
It is in your emonBase that you see emonHub and the WiFi settings.

When you can see your inputs updating in your emonBase, then you can send the data to emoncms.org
Follow this guide: 3. Log Remotely - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor and make sure you copy your API Key for emoncms.org into the emonHub settings in your emonBase.
Be careful: There is an API Key for emoncms on your emonBase, and there is a different API Key for emoncms.org. You must use the correct one.

Ooops! Indeed I did.

[edit - now corrected to avoid further confusion]