EmonTx V3.2 - Upgrade to use emonLibCM

Hello, I am trying to compile emontxv3cm for a old emontx3.2, I follow your instruction but I have a error in config.ino:

src\EmonTxV3CM\config.ino:501:74: note: suggested alternative: ‘RFM_915MHZ’
return band == 4 ? RF12_433MHZ : band == 8 ? RF12_868MHZ : band == 9 ? RF12_915MHZ : 0;
exit status 1
‘RF12_433MHZ’ was not declared in this scope


I think you must have a mixture of two versions there. I will look at this tomorrow.

Thanks Robert, I started from last sketch for emontxV3CM, my emonTx3 is with rf12 version without LAN connector for tem sensors. Normally for it I used discrete sampling sketch.

Which instruction is that?

There is not enough there for me to identify the sketch. As far as I recall, there has not been a sketch released for the emonTx V3.2 using emonLibCM. Converting the emonTxV3CM sketch (which is for the emonTx V3.4 only) should not be too difficult - the main problem will be that you need to use a different RFM library because the V3.4 has only ever had the RFM69CW radio.

Oh, don’t say that - it is definitely NOT a LAN connector, it is a RJ45 connector. It just happens to be the same as is often used for Ethernet.

Yes I know that the rj45 is for 3wire sensor.
The sketch is GitHub - openenergymonitor/EmonTxV3CM: EmonTxV3 Continuous Monitoring Firmware (Default shipped EmonTxV3 firmware)
I changed as your post on august 2020 (delete rfm.ino, #define RFM12B #include <rfmTxLib.h> ecc ecc)

Try this. I cannot prove the radio is working correctly - it is transmitting but my emonPi is now using the RFM69 Native protocol, which is not the same as your emonTx will be using.

emonTxV3CM_rfm.zip (54.4 KB)

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