Emontx V2.2 - SOLD

4 x emontx V2.2 for sale from Belgium. Shipping anywhere in the EU, except UK.

3 were combined in an i2c stack to read three phase power with Sct-030 voltage clamps. The other was a single phase system. Two pcb’s have a radio and mini usb power supply. Other pcb’s had power from the master with uplink cables. Can easily be adjusted to 4 separate pcb’s if you add the voltage regulator again.

The ones without the radio can have the RFM69CW (ideally) or the RFM12B fitted, and with minor modifications, most modern sketches will work.

Were these ever sold? I have a similar stack on 3 phase and I’m hoping to add more boards to it so these would do nicely.

Hey Tim, the boards haven’t been sold yet.

Sent you a DM.

and sold!