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EmonTx v1.4 (!) will it work with emonBase?

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First time poster.

I bought an emonTX v1.4 back in 2011 (yikes that long ago). At the time the platform was not yet perfected and I did not persist with the technology for long before switching to another platform, much of it home-brewed (shame on me).

Would this older emoxTX work with an emonBase?


Welcome, Mark, to the new forum.

This has to be one for @glyn.hudson or @TrystanLea to answer.

I’d always assumed that there was an emonTx V1, but I’ve never come across any documentation. If it’s got an ATMega 328P and an RFM12B radio, then with a modern sketch (but maybe with a few pin changes) I’d expect it to work. If it’s anything else, I don’t know.

Not a NanodeRF? :wink:

Here is an old forum post of my NanodeRF in a custom 3D case from February 2012.

Complete with a response from @glyn.hudson


Yep, same Mark.

I guess my point is do I try and get the older emonTX working or simply start afresh?

Presumably, you have a programmer, so I’d plug it in and see if it works. (My personal tip - avoid platformio like the plague and Covid-19 together - it’s malware in my book, stay with the tried and tested Arduino IDE.)

The modern emonTx has more bells and whistles, probably less noise on the inputs but if a plain power monitor is all you want, it’s worth trying it and seeing what you get. No promises, but emonLibCM might even run on it (it was mostly developed on a V2).

More info on the V1.4 emonTx