EmonTX to Rpi - Direct Serial Connection

That’s because it doesn’t send the NodeID. So you need an extra line in emonhub.conf to give it a node number - or write a definition for Node 0. Just don’t ask me to explain why.

I want to go and cook my tea, meantime here’s my cryptic crib that might explain a little:



NodeOffset: So when the emonhub interfacer was written for that emonESP format serial output with no node id (aka node id is None) we could use the nodeoffset to add a “offset” to that absent node id ie your node is currently 0 offset by 1 = 1. So using nodeoffset is how you define the node id for each emonTx using the (emonesp format) serial output.

Under this section
Type = EmonHubJeeInterfacer

you need to add under runtimesettings

       nodeoffset = 17

An offset of 0 (default) + 17 = 17.