EmonTX Three-phase with EmonESP

Finally my Huzzah is working again but I’ve noticed, that I have to use the three-phase firmware for monitoring in a standard german installation. So I re-flashed the TX with the three-phase firmware after I made the changes that were written in the PDF document. Especially I changed the //RFM Settings to #define EMONESP.
Flashing worked fine but the TX now does not show any values, neither on the EmoxESP nor the serial monitor.
Is there anything I need modify in the firmware to get the values shown on my ESP?

Please read the NEW documentation for the 3-phase PLL sketch (posted here yesterday) regarding the serial data baud rate problem in the emonESP software.
It is near the middle of page 3:

"2. The baud rate for serial communications must not be set to a value greater than 9600. (For the ESP8266 module, change Line 41 or thereabouts in the ESP8266 file “src.ino”.)

Also, this thread relates to that:

I think this is your problem also.

Thank you Robert, that was the problem.