emonTx stopping updating after updating emonPi to V2.6 firmware

Continuing the discussion from emonSD-03May16 Release:

After a number of reports of RF data from emonTx units stopping being received by emonPi after updating firmware to V2.6 we have rolled back to V2.5. While we investigate what’s going on.

If a user now runs an update V2.5 will be flashed.

emonPi Firmware Changelog:

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Hi @peter, I’ve just has a chance to do some testing with emonPi V2.6 firmware; it seems to be working fine with my emonTx V3.

I wonder if you could provide any further insight to hep us work out why it would not work with you emonTx:

My emonTx is:

  • Hardware Rev: V3.4
  • RF module: RFM69CW on NodeID 8
  • Firmware V2.3

Would you mind trying V2.6 again? Here is how to manually flash:

$ sudo service emonhub stop

$ avrdude -v -c arduino -p ATMEGA328P -P /dev/ttyAMA0 -b 115200 -U flash:w:/home/pi/emonpi/firmware/compiled/archive/emonPi_V2.6

$ sudo service emonhub start

Then to revert back to V2.5 just run emonPi update from Emoncms web interface and V2.5 will be restored.

I will try to locate the USB / UART interface this weekend and first check the emonTX output to see what firmware I am on. Purely based on the gitgub history and the order date I would guess I am on V1.9 or so. I am happy to test and then upgrade and test again, but there may well be a number of other users, especially who do not frequent to forum, who may risk problems going to V2.6 on the Pi …